The Great Perfection Doctrine | volhv Veleslav

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"Учение Великого Совершенства" - одна из ключевых и самых фундаментальных работ волхва Велеслава. Впервые издается на английском языке. Коллекционное малотиражное издание. 
Slavic Paganism deeply rooted in Eastern spirituality and gnostic ideas, a path through and beyond both the Right-Hand Path and Left-Hand Path.
Author: volhv Veleslav (V.L.S.L.V.)

The Sinister Path as a distinctive school in Slavic-Russian paganism emerges in the mid-2000's, arousing a great number of controversies and interpretations of its nature and place in tradition. Undoubtedly rested upon analogous schools of other traditions (Tantrism, Western Hermetism, Alchemy, Odinism, etc.) its initiator Veleslav offers a path that has never existed in Slavic paganism (although prerequisites and mythological motives are definitely existing). Tens of books by various authors since then have elaborated on the doctrine of the Sinister Path, which proves its great appeal for pilgrims of the Spirit.

What we encounter in The Great Perfection Doctrine is a substantial difference with traditional Western doctrines between the Left-Hand Path and the Sinister Path of Slavic-Russian paganism. The fundamental tenets of the former accentuate individualism and deification of the adherent, that is expressed in well-known motto “Not to revere God, but to become God”. For paganism however, such stand is not part of the Left Path, but rather it is basic reality, the natural ground. The Sinister Path of Russian paganism goes further, holding that deification of the adherent is possibly the last but not final stage of the Path of the Work. The fact is, Divinity in form of images, names and shapes must be sacrificed to the Ultimate, the Unthinkable in terms of language or images; sacrificed to the Sacred, which is absolutely numinous and is present beyond names and forms, something that was pointed at by the Rhineland mystics Meister Eckhart and John Tauler, or by the Neoplatonists. Herein Veleslav inherits the tradition of apophatic definition of the super-being of the Sacred.
In The Great Perfection Doctrine, the author Veleslav calls us to proceed with the search or the Sacred within us even further, to transcend both what he calls the Dexter and the Sinister Paths, his teachings leading us along the Path which is not the path in itself, to the conscious inactivity, and thus return to the Natural State of the Prime Source.

The Great Perfection Doctrine marks the first time popular author Veleslav's works are available in English, making his crucial teachings available to a larger audience. According to Veleslav's teachings, there are three paths in the World, or three steps to walk the One Path:

- The Right-Hand Path: the Path Away from one’s True Nature, the external work.

- The Left-Hand Path: the Path of Return to one’s True Nature, the internal work.

- The Path of the Great Perfection, or the Path which is not the path in itself: a way to remain in one’s True Nature without separation between the one who remains and  spiritual “inactivity”.

In the words of Veleslav: “The Path of the Great Perfection is a timeless teaching of self-disclosure of our True Nature, of spontaneous permanence in the PRIMORDIAL without being permanent, of non-conceptualized grasp of one’s True SELF as the UNBORN.” The Great Perfection Doctrine lays down the basis towards grasping that True Self, to the rediscovery of our true divine essence.



The Sinister Path and Its place in modern Slavic-Russian paganism
(an introduction by Askr Svarte)

Author’s preface to the First edition

The Great Perfection Doctrine
I. The Path of the Great Perfection
II. Transfer of the Doctrine
III. Natural State of the Prime Source
IV. Non-Dual seeing
V. The True and the false
VI. Divine Patrons of the Doctrine
VII. The Great Nav
VIII. Multiplicity and Oneness
IX. Three aspects of Freedom
X. T he Path Away and the Path of Return
XI. Three levels of understanding
XII. On Devotion, the devotee and the Object of Devotion
XIII. The Whirligig of time
XIV. Paradoxes of revelation of the Natural State of the Prime Source
XV. The True Lord of Consciousness
XVI. Origins of the Gods
XVII. The Three Great Sacrifices
XVIII. The Three aspects of Presence of the UNBORN
XIX. Divine possession
XX. Belobog and Chernobog veneration
XXI. Manifestation of the Gods of the Undetermined State
XXII. The Sinister Path and the Doctrine of the Great Perfection
XXIII. The Practice of Introspection
XXIV. Three levels of practice
XXV. Meditation on the Path of the Great Perfection
XXVI. The Basis, the Path, and the Fruit
XXVII. T hree levels of sight
XXVIII. The practice of “inactivity”
XXIX. The practice of de-identification
XXX. Practicing body (meditation posture)
XXXI. Practicing senses
XXXII. Practicing mind
XXXIII. Practicing the Heart
XXXIV. Concentration and silent stay
XXXV. Bearing Death in mind
XXXVI. The fruits of the Practice
XXXVII. Rock crystal
XXXVIII. Protectors of the Doctrine
XXXIX. Observing results
XL. The Unboundedness

Appendixes from “The Book of the Great Nav”
The Left-Hand Path
The Path of the Great Nav
Our True Nature
On three levels of perception of the Doctrine
The Path’s Trefoil
Once again on the Light and Dark Gods
Directions to a practitioner in hermitage

119 pages, 135 g. coated paper.
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