«The Veles Path» is a Slavic Center for Spiritual Growth, established in 2020 by Veleslav and Vitoslava Cherkasovy, intending to study, revise, and implementing the spiritual traditions of the Slavs in forms that are relevant to our time.


The Center sees its task in the study of the Native Slavic Culture, as well as in practical assistance to those who wish to remember their Ancestral Roots and restore the connection between generations, to find their path in the Modern World through an appeal to the spiritual sources of Slavic culture — this inexhaustible wellspring of the Wisdom of our Folk.


The external activities of the Center are firstly carried out through public lectures and online courses, where magical practices are taught, tells about the Native Faith of our Ancestors and provides the necessary materials for Spiritual Self-Knowledge.

Volhv Veleslav (Cherkasov Ilya Gennadievich; b. 1973) — a specialist in traditional Slavic culture, mystic, writer, poet, traveler, philosopher, who was the first to suggest using the term «Rodnovery» to the pre-Christian beliefs of the Slavs, one of the key figures in the Russian national and spiritual revival.


Founder and permanent leader of the Russian-Slavic Rodnovery Community «Rodolyubie» (since 1998), the ideological inspirer and one of the co-founders of the Commonwealth of Slavic Rodnovery Communities «Velesov Krug» (The Veles Circle, since 1999). Practicing clergyman of the Slavic (Rodnovery) tradition. Author of several dozen books on history, culture, and ancient beliefs of the Slavs and Russia. Participant in several television programs, historical, archaeological, and religious debates, and has made several reports at the Russian Geographical Society.


From an early age, he was fond of history, studied Russian folk tales and epics, enthusiastically listened to the stories of old people about «the old times» and collected countryside folklore — songs, tales, spells, stories, and legends. Later he studied the works of various spiritual teachers of the East and West, comprehended the essence of their teachings,

communicated with their followers. But he did not adhere to any of these movements, believing that the truth is comprehended in the heart, and not in blindly following the subjective gaze of any religious leader.


Veleslav preferred the call of the heart — the revival of Slavic pre-Christian traditions, rituals, beliefs, and worldview, — to the career of a scientist-historian The sorcerer gives his knowledge and spiritual heritage of the Ancestors to people willingly and unobtrusively:


Together with his beloved wife and veduniya (Slavic witch) Vitoslava, Veleslav Cherkasov organizes educational lectures and webinars on the topic of traditional Slavic culture; as a priest, he conducts calendar holidays and ceremonies — the glorification of the Native Gods and Ancestors, naming, weddings, funerals, and other rites... And, of course, he writes new books.

Vitoslava Cherkasova — a veduniya, priestess of the Veles cult, specialist in traditional Slavic culture and witchcraft, herbalist by heritage, candle magic wizard, as well as a certified theta-healer, NLP-practitioner, tarologist, author of courses on traditional healing, witchcraft practices, candle magic, and wax casts, etc.

Throughout life, — first from her herbalist grandmother, then from teachers, — bit by bit she adopted secret knowledge, absorbed the ancient wisdom of the Ancestors and their traditions, learned to see the interconnections of the visible and invisible in Nature, studied psychology and modern methods of self-improvement and personal growth.


Vitoslava brings her best practices and knowledge to the world, helping people to see the inner causes of their problems (limiting programs, negative beliefs, etc.), and only then — to choose the right tool to solve them (of which there are plenty in her arsenal). As Vitoslava says:


Also, together with her beloved husband, the sorcerer Veleslav Cherkasov, Vitoslava conducts traditional Slavic holidays and rituals: purifications, naming, weddings, funerals, and other rites ...

Nowadays we have one book translated to english: «The Great Perfection Doctrine» by volhv Veleslav. If you would like to know more about our philosophy and culture, read the book. To buy it, please email shop@velesovput.ru or place order on the site. We accept PayPal and ship worldwide.